How are buyers agents related with giving satisfying results to the people?

The videos are available free of charge to deaf householders or organisations working either with deaf people or on energy issues. By providing training for energy advisors the MEND project will raise awareness of fuel poverty among people who have regular contact with deaf people in their homes. We hope that the number of deaf households being referred for energy grants and services will increase as a result of this project.

MEND is being coordinated by fuel poverty charity National Energy Action (NEA) working closely with the British Deaf Association and the Nottinghamshire Deaf Society and is being funded through the New Opportunities Fund SEED Programme. A NEW cost savings and budgeting service that helps people address their financial and energy issues launches in Birmingham today (Monday 6th September).

There has never been a greater need for an integrated service which addresses poor housing conditions, low income, expensive payment methods and exclusion from the benefits of the competitive energy market. We are delighted that, Real Estate Buyer’s Agent with the support of our sponsors, Factor 4 is up and running and is already making a positive contribution to the lives of Birmingham people. Factor 4 was developed by Birmingham Credit Union Development Agency (BUDA) and is based on similar credit union initiatives in the United States and Ireland.

Factor 4 aims to help the thousands of families who struggle with on-going financial problems which often cause health issues as they are unable to provide themselves with adequate warmth and comfort. EXPERTS from across the country are gathering in Birmingham for a national conference examining the Government’s progress towards eradicating fuel poverty. Some hits, some misses and some way to go organised by fuel poverty charity National Energy Action (NEA) and supported by Eaga Partnership, will take place at the Lakeside Conference Centre from 6th to 8th September.

The conference will look at the progress made by the government in reaching its target of removing vulnerable households from fuel poverty by 2010 and highlight the future strategy to ensure that this is achieved. This year NEA and Eaga Partnership are pleased to be welcoming three Government Ministers to the conference. will join up to 250 delegates from across the energy efficiency and fuel poverty fields to debate how best to ensure a warmer future for the millions of people whose health is at risk from living in a cold, damp homes.

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